Limited-edition No. Ten candle comes in, inspired by Tanqueray No. Ten. Custom-made, hand-poured, and crafted in London, it's made from natural olive wax that’s scented with fresh accords reminiscent of the rich aromas of the spirit.


Uniquely perfumed:
Top: Citrus, Basil and Lemon Verbena
Middle: Neroli blossom, dry wood
Base: Amber, Vanilla and Clove

- 100% natural olive wax
- Colour - cream/off white
- Weight - 1100g

- Designed to tunnel burn to elimiate wax spillage
- Full intricate details & to Tanqueray No. TEN true size

- The craftmanship for each candle takes up to 1 day and is designed to give you the most unique piece of home décor to enable a total immersive experience.

No. Ten limited-edition olive-wax scented candle 1100g