In March 2020, when we were all forced into hibernation, our obsession with candles became more evident than ever before as we looked for ways to brighten our days in lockdown. It was during this time that we established our brand, cent.ldn and began our mission to bring you the most exclusive and unique candles on the market.


Each candle is custom made, hand-poured and crafted in London, UK by a specialist team.

Our candles are designed to give our buyers a unique piece of home decor which allows them to tell a story in their homes. Each of our candles are conceptulised with purpose and attention to detail in both the physical product and story telling is key in everything we do. 


We are an ethical and sustainably sourced company and we strive to keep our planet safe in every aspect of operation. 


We want to personally welcome you to our world of unique candle collectables. 

We hope you enjoy them! 

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